Do you have an Arabic book, academic work, or article you would like translated into English? I offer translation services from Arabic to English, with a specialty in Islamic texts, particularly in theology, hadith traditions, exegesis, and Sufism.

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Every project needs the careful eye of an editor to ensure that it is clean and free of errors in grammar, spelling, formatting, and consistency. I offer services in copy editing and proofreading, as well as developmental editing.

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Over the years we have had to deal with numerous translators across the world. Abdul Aziz Suraqah is by far the most outstanding out of them. With him you get quality in all aspects of what can be quite a stressful process: his translated work is fresh, his editing almost impeccable and the manner he finally presents the work is aesthetically pleasing and a bonus. However, what is perhaps the most impressive aspect of his work is his diligence and time-keeping: he delivered completed work ahead of schedule a rare feature which easily manifests itself in the quality of the final product. Abdul Aziz’s prose is just perfect. He is intimate with heavy academic terms and equally comfortable with idiomatic terminology. The result is text that is accessible, precise and full of soul however complex or technical the original stuff is. We would highly recommend him and are looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Fuad Nahdi

The Radical Middle Way

I would like to thank Sidi Abdul Aziz for his brilliant, lucid translations. Not since working with Muhtar Holland (may Allah have mercy on his soul) have I seen a translator with such proficiency. He is able to capture the essence, in English, of the original work without missing a beat.

Moutasem Atiya

Al-Madina Institute

Abdul Aziz Suraqah has been of immeasurable importance to our publishing house right from its onset in 2007. His excellent work brought forth our very first publication; five more would follow after it while a remaining four are in their final stages. That’s an astonishing total of ten books in the span of a just few years. Abdul Aziz’s translations are lucid and flowing while maintaining the text’s depth, and very precise in dealing with its complexity and the specialized nomenclature it contains. This would not be possible without profound knowledge of the subject as well as Arabic and English. But he is more than a top quality translator. His editing skills have greatly benefited several of our publications as well, while also putting in much effort into extra work in perfecting his translations as well as contributing to the publishing process in many different ways.

Hamoudeh al-Halabi

Sunni Publications


In the interest of making beneficial Islamic works more readily accessible to a wide audience, there are a number of translations I am making available as eBooks here.

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