Ibriz_Blog_150310The Knowers of Allah mention that the Muhammadan Reality (al-Haqiqa al-Muhammadiyya) has MANY names, each one reflecting a certain aspect of Reality or frame of reference. Among these names:

The First Determination

The Supreme Pen

The Command of Allah

The First Intellect


The Lote Tree of the Utmost Boundary

The Demarcation Line

The Perfect Man

The Heart

The Mother of the Book

The Inscribed Book

The Hallowed Soul

The Supreme Soul

The Second Theophany

The Reality of all Realities

The Universal Soul

The Manifest Imam

The Mirror of the Real

The First Substance

The First Teacher

The Breath of the Merciful

The First Effusion

The White Pearl

The Mirror of the Two Presences

The Gathering Isthmus

The Intermediary of Effusion and Succor

The Presence of Gatheredness

The Gathering Point of the Two Seas

The Mirror of the Cosmos

The Center of the Circle

The Permeating Existence

The Light of Lights

The First Shade

The Life that permeates all of existence

The Presence of the Names and Attributes

The Truth by which all things were created

To be continued…