Bismillah. Ibriz_Blog_150503Al-Hamdulillah, I’m happy to announce the release of Sending Prayers upon the Prophet, of Shaykh ‘Abdallah Sirajuddin al-Husayni. I was blessed to work on this book back in 2008, and to finally revise it last year. Many thanks to the fine folks of Sunni Publications in the Netherlands who published this lovely work. Below is a bit about the book. In sha’ Allah copies are available for ordering online at Sunni Publications, and more will be arriving in the UK and North America in a few weeks time.  

Sunni Publications, Rotterdam. First Edition, 2015 Paperback, 240 pages, 290 grams. ISBN 9789079294206

Indeed, Allah and His Angels send prayers upon the Prophet. O you who believe! Send prayers and abundant salutations upon him. [Sura al-Ahzab 33:56]

Sending Prayers upon the Prophet ﷺ is an extraordinary work of scholarship infused with Prophetic love that expounds upon the command of Allah ﷻ and His Prophet ﷺ to send abundant prayers and salutations upon the Master of the Messengers ﷺ and details their deeper meanings, great virtues, numerous benefits and different rulings.

Steeped in spiritual insight and profound love and devotion, Imam ʿAbdallah Sirajuddin unravels the secrets of this noble act and elegantly explains its high status by drawing extensively from the Qurʾan and Hadith traditions and the understandings of the scholars of the past.

Sending Prayers upon the Prophet ﷺ will satisfy students of jurisprudence and the spiritual path alike, inspire them to act out of love for our Master Muhammad ﷺ, and intensify their yearning for him ﷺ.

Live happily with never-ending union With the one you love, with the veils of distance raised Witness the utter beauty of the one for whose sake The hearts of the lovers split asunder from its light Be of good cheer for attaining what you hoped for Upon the brow of the Elect Prophet has the sun of the forenoon shined!

Imam ʿAbdallah Sirajuddin al-Husayni was an exegete of the Qur’an, scholar of Hadith, master of the spiritual path, expert of the Sacred Law, lover of the Prophet ﷺ and Light of Aleppo about whom it was said:

“He is the Pole of Prophetic love a in our times.” —Shaykh ʿAbd al-Rahman al-Shaghuri

“This man is walking towards him [the Prophet ﷺ], even if it would be on his eyelashes.” —Shaykh ʿAlawi al-Maliki al-Hasani

“It is obligatory upon every eye to see him.” —Habib ʿAbd al-Qadir al-Saqqaf

“You [Shaykh ʿAbdallah] are surrounded by the vision of our Master the Messenger of Allah ﷺ.” —Shaykh Ahmad Harun al-Dimashqi