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May Allah send prayers upon you, O Light!

An Ode by Shaykh Ahmad b. Mustafa al-‘Alawi (may Allah sanctify his secret) May Allah send prayers upon you, O Light— O Light of every dwelling! O best of those in all dwellings! O Messenger of Allah, you are— You are the Light in physical form! You came as light upon light, With it the Quran was revealed. As a lamp, a light, and oil As a shining light you came finely proportioned. The cosmos will not exist until It manifests through you, adorned. You said in the narrations that The cosmos has taken after your likeness. From the Holy Presence you came, And in it you have not ceased to be. You were before the cosmos—you were! And the everlasting is like the pre-eternal. You were absolute, and then you became Adorned by delimitations. There is naught within existence Except the Light—I say, indeed! It appeared suddenly from the Unseen From the loftiest heights it descended. O Messenger of Allah, you have attained An abundance of abundance and virtues. O Messenger of Allah, you have remained— And I have remained compliant to you. So al-‘Alawi hopes that He reaches, with your pleasure, the desired end.