It’s finally here! Ibriz Media’s inaugural publication The Muhammadan Litanies will be available for pre-order from Mecca Book this Friday, Allah willing. The Muhammadan Litanies is essentially a practical implementation of The Drink of the People of Purity (which is essential reading for anyone who wants to connect with the deeper aspects of invoking blessings upon the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace). As it says in the description on the back cover, The Muhammadan Litanies

is a unique collection of seventy prayers upon the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) for daily and weekly use, starting with prayers taught by the Prophet himself, followed by prayers transmitted by his Household (Ahl al-Bayt) and Companions, and prayers from the early generations (Salaf) and the famous—and not so famous—saints and knowers of Allah and His Beloved. Each prayer is followed by a description of its source and its merits, and—for the prayers of the gnostics—a description of the saint from whom it was taken, where the author received it or read it, and a discussion on its unique properties (khawwas), the purposes or intentions for which it can be read, and its metaphysical meanings.

I’d like to offer my deep gratitude to all the beautiful souls that contributed in one way or another to this work—may Allah accept from you and reward you without measure and bring you in proximity to Him and His Beloved (Allah bless him and give him peace)!

To prepare, I gathered all of the available print editions of Shaykh Yusuf al-Nabahani’s Afdal al-salawat, and together with some friends and teachers we read all of the prayers out loud to catch all of the discrepancies between the different editions (the oldest edition turned out to have the fewest typographical errors, only three).

After verifying the vowel placement and wordings of the prayers, I began the translation, in what must have taken 2000+ hour of work. Writing the explanatory footnotes sometimes involved several days of digging up old, hard to find commentaries, some of which are only in manuscript form. (One week was spent preparing footnotes for the prayers of Shaykh Ahmad b. Idris.)

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Once the English translation was completed it was time to get all of the prayers typed out in Arabic with full vowel marks. That required hundreds of hours of reading, re-reading, marking corrections, marking areas where letters were missing vowels, and going over dozens of versions until the Arabic section was finally ready.

The Arabic and English of The Muhammadan Litanies were then sent off to the very capable typesetter Imran Rahim, of Etherea Design. We went back and forth refining the text and making more corrections and fixes to the Arabic and English. Finally, after ten or twelve versions, it was completed.

Al-Hamdulillah this project has been filled with blessings and openings from day one. I honestly didn’t want it to end. Allah willing, The Muhammadan Litanies will live up to its name and be a source of spiritual drink, cleansing and soothing souls with praise and exaltation of the Master of Humankind and Jinn, Sayyiduna Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace).

I’ve prepared a few sample pages of the work here.

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