Let go the ego
Let fly the “I”
Champions and heroes
Soar high in the sky

They frighten fear
Encourage courage
Far and near
Home to homage

Mastered mysteries
Never eroded
Spanning centuries
Deeply devoted

Longed for long
To become Being
They sang the song
Of Sight-seeing

Gave famine to fame
And fire to flesh
All are the same
While they remain fresh

Lit and light
Like air, but fair
When might is right
With prayer, they care

Mountains of quality
Wells of wealth
Fountains of Poverty
They fell in health

Spoke of “The Speech”
And heard “The Word”
They taught to teach
And followed forward

Displeased with the measure
Of common commodity
They treasure the pleasure
Of that bountiful beauty

And That scale of symmetry
That proportion and increase
The Architect’s artistry
Upon him be peace


(by my dear friend and mentor, Shaykh Mohamed Mahmoud)