Foundations of Certitude — A Poem on Islamic Beliefs


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Foundations of Certitude—A Poem on Islamic Beliefs

Author: Abdul Aziz Suraqah

Foundations of Certitude is a concise yet thorough rhyming poem on Islamic beliefs. This work was born out of a need to give young students a short text on creed (‘aqida) covering theology (what we believe regarding the Divine), prophetology (what we believe regarding the noble Prophets and Messengers), and transmitted beliefs regarding the Divine Scriptures, the Angels, the Last Day, and the Divine Decree. The chief advantage of this work is that it covers essential Islamic beliefs along with their rational proofs in clear English without complicated jargon or theological terms. It will prove useful for teachers who would like a summary of Islamic creed for their students, or any adult or teenager who wishes to learn individually the obligatory knowledge (fard ‘ayn) pertaining to Islamic creed. The detailed commentary to this poem is slated for release in the summer, Allah willing.


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