“And I did not translate them as an interpreter, but as an orator, keeping the same ideas and forms, or as one might say, the ‘figures’ of thought, but in language which conforms to our usage. And in so doing, I did not hold it necessary to render word for word, but I preserved the general style and force of the language.”— (Cicero 46 BCE)

A good translator is a bibliophile at heart. In virtually every translation project from Arabic to English there lurk classicisms and nuances couched within nuances that require an attentive eye, a literary background, and a background in Islamic education. The skilled translator must be steeped in the classics and lucidly and accurately render those references into his target language. In the old manuals on Arabic rhetoric, fluency (Arabic: fasaha) is described as “putting words in the right place and eschewing the wordy and archaic.” In the same way, translating is the craft of balancing between beauty, utility, and accuracy. If you are looking to have a text translated from Arabic to English, contact me and we can discuss it further. As an additional service for up and coming publishers, I offer free consultation on the behind-the-scenes work needed to get a book from first draft to a hard copy sitting on shelves.

Editing / Proofreading

Proofreading is normally the final stage before a work is published. It entails reviewing a document for errors in grammar or spelling, ensuring that it is consistent with a particular style guide (if required), as well as checking and correcting formatting issues such as text alignment, citations, headers, and footers. I rely mostly upon The Chicago Manual of Style 16 ed, but am familiar and comfortable with other style guides, such as MLA, Oxford Style (UK), etc.

Light editing

Light editing is a higher level of proofreading that involves checking the document to ensure a consistent style is used throughout it; checking for and correcting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage; and cross referencing figures and tables and identifying errors.


Basic editing

Basic editing includes the tasks of light editing and involves improving on the general “flow” of the document and word choice; checking for the consistency of in-text citations and references; ensuring consistency in the use of numerals, abbreviations, lists, and italics; checking for the completeness of footnotes, end notes, bibliographies, and glossary entries; and checking for agreement between the table of contents with headings. Basic editing also includes keeping a style sheet and querying the author(s) for more detail or clarification, when needed.


Substantive editing

Substantive editing involves extensive rewriting and formatting of content. It also includes detailed content development and evaluation of reading level, vocabulary, flow, logic, and transition. If you have a text that needs editing, contact me and we can see what needs to be done.


Over the years we have had to deal with numerous translators across the world. Abdul Aziz Suraqah is by far the most outstanding out of them. With him you get quality in all aspects of what can be quite a stressful process: his translated work is fresh, his editing almost impeccable and the manner he finally presents the work is aesthetically pleasing and a bonus. However, what is perhaps the most impressive aspect of his work is his diligence and time-keeping: he delivered completed work ahead of schedule a rare feature which easily manifests itself in the quality of the final product. Abdul Aziz’s prose is just perfect. He is intimate with heavy academic terms and equally comfortable with idiomatic terminology. The result is text that is accessible, precise and full of soul however complex or technical the original stuff is. We would highly recommend him and are looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Fuad Nahdi

Radical Middle Way

Abdul Aziz Suraqah has copy edited two books for Sacred Knowledge including Refuting ISIS by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi. It has been a pleasure to work with him. He goes above and beyond the task at hand and does his best to improve the quality of the publication. He has passion for the work he is doing and truly cares about the quality of the final product. On top of all that, he has a very pleasant disposition that makes working with him easy. We will gladly work with Abdul Aziz again in the future.


Sacred Knowledge, UK

I would like to thank Sidi Abdul Aziz for his brilliant, lucid translations. Not since working with Muhtar Holland (may Allah have mercy on his soul) have I seen a translator with such proficiency. He is able to capture the essence, in English, of the original work without missing a beat.

Moutasem Atiya

Al-Madina Institute

Abdul Aziz Suraqah has been of immeasurable importance to our publishing house right from its onset in 2007. His excellent work brought forth our very first publication; five more would follow after it while a remaining four are in their final stages. That’s an astonishing total of ten books in the span of a just few years. Abdul Aziz’s translations are lucid and flowing while maintaining the text’s depth, and very precise in dealing with its complexity and the specialized nomenclature it contains. This would not be possible without profound knowledge of the subject as well as Arabic and English. But he is more than a top quality translator. His editing skills have greatly benefited several of our publications as well, while also putting in much effort into extra work in perfecting his translations as well as contributing to the publishing process in many different ways.

Hamoudeh al-Halabi

Sunni Publications

Translation is a strange word. It has its basis in a mid-14th century word for the act of removing a saint’s body or relics to a different location. It’s more popular definition is to render a text from one language to another. A link between both meanings, it seems, is to be found in the fact that when you take the words of a blessed person and render them into your own language, you have taken the piety of one people and potentially placed it into another. Herein lies the apparent value of Ibriz Media: it helps to make our context relative to one that has proven the test of time.

Muhammad Abdul Latif

It has been our pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Abdul Aziz Suraqah over the past few years on He has provided us with many precisely translated articles from complex specialist Arabic texts. We found him to be meticulous and highly professional in his work and look forward to working with him on future projects.

Admin Staff

I am in the process of establishing a publishing company and Abdul Aziz has been my first editor and resource. He has given very sound advice on the general processes involved with getting a book published from A to Z. He is professional, kind, and his work is solid. He edits in good time and with high level of quality. I look forward to having a long working relationship with him.

Saleem Nyazi

Nur Publications

Between 2010 and 2011, Abdul Aziz provided invaluable help in editing my Masters thesis. His editing services were exemplary: fixing up the text, as well as improving structure and flow. He was also very punctual, adhering to all agreed deadlines, as well as making himself available on Skype when needed to discuss any issues. My thesis was awarded with distinction in 2011. I was very satisfied with Abdul Aziz’s services, and I would not hesitate to recommend him as an editor to any prospective client.

Adel Abdul Ghafar


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