Beauty is the splendor of truth.” — Plato

Ibriz is Arabic for “Pure Gold,” and it represents the level of craft to which I aspire. With Ibriz, your projects—whether translations, edits, or proofreads—will not only be accurate and exhaustive, but will also reflect beauty and proportion. The Ibriz logo represents the golden ratio, also called the golden mean or the divine proportion. It reflects the inherent beauty found in balance and clarity.

I have nearly two decades of  experience translating books from Arabic to English on Islamic studies, hadith, theology, jurisprudence, spirituality, and ethics, and have nearly a decade of experience editing books, dissertations, and academic articles (see portfolio here). I also review translations from Arabic to English to ensure flow, accuracy, and fidelity to the original works.

About me

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. As a teenager I began my study of the Arabic language, pursuing further studies in Yemen, Mauritania, and Morocco with a focus on theology, legal theory, Arabic grammar, rhetoric, and literature. Since 1998, I have been teaching Arabic and Islamic studies in institutes and private schools—translating a bit here and there. But in 2005 I shifted my focus and began translating and editing full time, since then completing over sixty works, both large and small. I also teach Arabic and Islamic studies at Dar al-Ma’rifah here in Toronto, Canada.