I heard that you were translating XYZ book. When is it going to be published?


I have a number of projects going on at any given time. The average time between translation and publication is 18-20 months. When books have reached their final production stage and the covers have been designed, I will announce them.


How can I purchase book XYZ?


At the moment I do not sell copies of my translations done for other publishers. If you do not see the book on Amazon, please check Mecca Books, Firdous Books, or Rumi Bookstore. If you are in the UK you can check Islamic Bookstore Online, Kitaabun, or Madani bookstore.


What is the meaning of the word Ibriz? What is the meaning of the logo?


New-Ibriz-Logo1Ibriz is “Pure Gold”

The word Ibriz (pronounced like e-breeze) is Arabic for pure gold. Ibriz is also the title to one of my favorite books: al-Ibriz min kalam Sayyidi ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-Dabbagh (Pure Gold from the Words of My Master ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-Dabbagh). Ibriz is Equilibrium and Beauty. The logo for Ibriz is a drawing of the Golden Spiral representing the Golden Section, also called the Golden Ratio and the Divina Proportione (the Divine Proportion), which represents beauty and balance, rigor and equilibrium. The golden ratio and the sacred art that is produced through it are extremely direct expressions of the idea of the Divine Unity underlying the inexhaustible variety of the world. It is through harmony that the Divine is reflected into the world, which is called “unity in multiplicity,” and “multiplicity in unity.”


Ibriz_FaqHow long does it take to translate a book?


It depends on the length of the book, the complexity of its subject matter, and whether or not multiple editions of the original must be compared with each other for accuracy. In a typical day I’ll translate between four to six pages of text, or between 1000–1500 words.


I want to publish a book but don’t know where to begin. Can you help?


If the book is consistent with the overall themes of Ibriz’s works I might be able to help. Contact me.

Do you teach Arabic?


Yes, but only to a few long term students (privately) and on location at Risalah Foundation in Toronto, Canada.


Can you edit/proofread my work?


I do offer editorial and proofreading services. Contact me for more information.